Gentrification consists in the renewal and rebuilding of a city centre.  But the process takes place dramatically, and cannot be judged as being only positive.
   Each district has its own character and style, which are formed by its inhabitants who imbue the place with part of themselves. Areas inhabited by artists, creative and active people attract investors who buy houses, flats and commercial space.  These people turn small shops into expensive convenience stores and exclusive boutiques, and turn service spaces into trendy restaurants, bars, and jewellery shops.  Rents for flats are rising dramatically, often making life extremely difficult for the residents.  Eventually the original inhabitants are forced to leave neighbourhoods which had till then been places of their own making.
   These photographs present a flat on Smolensk Street, Krakow.  It was the home of Malik family, artists who worked there, making traditional nativity scenes known as szopki.  In May 2010, the family was forced to move out.
Apokopé #1
Apokopé #2
Apokopé #3
Apokopé #4
Apokopé #5
Apokopé #6
*  *  *  *  *

This project was a part of exhibition in process "Ulica Smoleńsk" in Kraków, Poland (2010).

It was published in a book "XX - OPAVA SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Twenty Years of Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava"
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